MALGOSIA  NOWAKOWSKI has been involved with many forms of art since
she was a child. Born and raised in Poland, she was drawn to the magical world of colors and shapes in the
colorless reality of Eastern Europe during the 80's. She experimented with photography and watercolors,
but it was not until 1995 (when she moved to the United States) that she discovered her artistic medium -
She started to take different classes and attend various workshops. She fell in love with the process of
changing the soft piece of clay into permanent, different shaped, functional and decorative pots. She has
found clay as her language to express herself, to let her creativity out and use her hands as a tool to show
the beauty of the earth. The more she worked with clay the more possibilities and techniques she
discovered. She realized that it is all a long and wonderful journey and open-ended nature of ceramics can
keep her learning for a whole lifetime.
Malgosia’s pottery is a combination of a wheel throwing and hand building techniques. She loves both: the
magic happening quickly on the potter’s wheel and long hours spent by meticulous work with coils and
slabs, making texture, detailed brushed glaze application etc. She experiments with different shapes and
colors, different clay bodies, different firing and glazing techniques. Malgosia loves texture and contrast
between the textured and plain section of the piece. Inspired by her love of nature and extensive
wilderness travels, she captures the essence of and crates her pottery utilizing the natural elements such
as leaves, pine needles, wheat, seaweeds and horsehair. Her unique forms are a wonderful artistic
expression of her observations of the earth’s beauty.  Most heavily influenced by her mentor Lana Wilson
in the art of texture and form, Malgosia has developed her own unique style. One of the most interesting
techniques that she is working with is the traditional Japanese firing technique - Raku, with its
characteristic crackles, luster glazes, smoky- black unglazed parts and always unpredictable final results.  
Her big raku coil bowls and series of “treasure” boxes started to be her trade mark. She especially loves
working on the boxes, giving them different shape, adding some movement and personality to each one of
them. She makes each piece one of a kind and unique. Malgosia opens herself to the creativity and the
pots simply flow out of her. She believes that the work in clay is a reflection of the lifelong spiritual journey
and since everything is changing all the time her pottery is changing constantly also.

She presently lives and works in Desert Hot Springs - Palm Springs area in California. She does retail art
and craft shows and sell her work in the galleries throughout southern California.  Her artwork travels to
different states (as far as Alaska) and countries (as far as Australia) since every piece of her work is
“speaking” to different person and was made looking for the special owner!


E-mail: malgosiaarts@yahoo.com

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